Hilda Hiary

Hilda Hiary is a very talented Jordanian artist. She has a very unique style, and often paints her female figures using a variety of colors and patterns. Another great effect of Hilda’s art work is that her figures  appear to be swaying from side to side. Hilda’s figures tend to be facing away from the painting, so their faces are never shown. This adds even more mystery to the paintings, as it is not obvious what the figures truly are. Although the figures are those of humans, I could not help but notice something sub-human, almost alien-like about them. They are beautiful pieces of art, be sure to check them out below!

Statement from Hilda Hiary:

“My everlasting devotion was to explore all that is new.. Especially in art in general. I started to meditate in the forms all around me in addition to my numerous philosophical readings, what always caught my eye was the circle.. Even the complex of this world and we as human beings.. We all go round and round in a fast motion as if we want to eat each other or to reach something.. i wonder what it is !!
my lines were always distorted, never straight.. I dug deeper into my thoughts and soul to find all that is around me takes a circular shape, and there is nothing straight about our existence.. I draw the whole universe on canvas varying from human interactions to daily dilemmas and conflicts that formulate our lives.. And I examine what I see before me.. the beginning of our creation was a spot .. and all our lives are actually circular routs that revolve and drive us to thinking that we will actually find something.. but the truth is that what we will find is nothingness, because we start from that spot and come back in a rounding way to were we started ( the ground)..

as an Arab Jordanian artist, when I am in my studio stroking my brush with all those magnificent colors tend to forget all differences, places borders and dimensions.. I belong to my studio and my work is art.. it has no boundaries and I am trying not to follow any particular school.. I depict my inner self, my thoughts and my convictions.. of course I am influenced a lot by all that goes on around me just like any other human being in my society.. I do wish to change many things around me and hope for a different happier world. I do have a conviction though (an artist can bring a lot of change if he or she were vigilant and had faith and truthfulness in carrying their massage and philosophy into their art and hence forth to the viewers.”

HP 1001:

HP 1002:


HP 1003:

HP 1006:

HP 1008:

HP 1009:

HP 1012:

HP 1015:

HP 1016:

Hilda Hiary Information:

Email: hilda@hildahiary.com


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