Art Space Dubai presents ‘Pulse’ by Charbel Aoun

Art Space Dubai presents ‘Pulse’ by Lebanese artist Charbel Aoun from Feb. 7- Mar. 5

Charbel Samuel Aoun is an architect, sculptor and painter from Fanar, Lebanon. Believing art to be a calling, he retired as an architect to focus on art. He considers himself a realist expressing the state of humanity as he sees it through his art. His goal through his work is to evoke reactions from his audience as a truth seeker as opposed to creating art merely to please or amuse the viewer. His art is dark, thick with emotion and awe-inspiring and therefore confronts the viewer. In 2007 he exhibited at CCF Beirut “Out of Space”, a sculpture exhibition where forms extended out of their physical space once again confronting the viewer, by extending into their personal space.

In 2009 he had 2 painting exhibitions “Mourasshah Intikhabi” and “Fattoush Beirut” in which he reflected deep feelings of his society. In 2010 he exhibited at the Artlounge Beirut “Flows”, a trip through light and energy; a theme also prevalent in this work.

Artist Statement:

“A painting is a symphony composed by the emotions and the combination of its various actions. In its space I end up deciphering exactly my printed feelings, when the social impact touches me with its negativity, I paint the tension of suffering and poverty, the emotions of the streets. In this stress, my imagination and the light within are always present to interfere; a dialogue between the social tension and imaginary light exists…

Through this mixture of feelings I decode the language of art, how to interact with abstraction and speak truth through lines , forms, depth, light, colors… all combined together to translate my energy .

En 2009, sa peinture s’ouvre à l’environnement extérieur et à la ville qui a subi la guerre et a perdu aussi d’une certaine façon son identité face au capitalisme envaMy inspiration exists in the interaction of the timeless state of humanity and the temporal reality of our society…”

(info and pictures provided by Art Space Dubai)

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