Art of the Mid East is a blog dedicated to the promotion and understanding of Middle Eastern Art. The region is full of extraordinary artists, and the quickest way to showcase the region’s creativity to the world is through a blog. I have created this blog out of my passion for art, and my belief in a great future for the region’s artists. This blog will be dedicated to showcasing rising Middle Eastern artists and the discussion of events and exhibitions, in addition to starting a dialogue about art in the region. This blog hopes to show the world another side of the Middle East, one that is not plagued by violence and chaos.

Having lived in Beirut for six years, I am well aware of the extraordinary talent in the region. I am also well aware that Middle Eastern art has recently been getting more publicity, however it deserves much more!

With my blog I hope to reach every corner of the globe, to people from all walks of life. Through this blog, the people of the region can be reminded of what an incredibly creative part of the world they live in. The people of the world can discover what a culturally rich region the Middle East is.

Enjoy the blog!

All the best,

Taymour Grahne

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